JUMBO-COAT® - XXL-Coating Systems

Big, bigger, JUMBO:

There are virtually no limits with the JUMBO-COAT® coating technology. Large and heavy parts up to 16m length, 4m height, 3m width and 8to per cross beam can be easily coated with this system.

The advantage of the JUMBO-COAT® technology is its modular design, which allows individual adaptations to premises on site. The individual process stages are arranged in booths directly next to one another, a sophisticated conveyor system enables an effective transport of the parts.

With the JUMBO-COAT® system the Längle Group offers besides coating systems for small an medium sized parts also a flexible system for big an heavy parts. The JUMBO-COAT® system is a registered brand of Meeh Pulverbeschichtungsanlagen GmbH.


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